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Société Algérienne de Réalisation de Projets IndustrielsSociété Par Actions (50% SONATRACH et 50% ABB-SPA / Italie) Certifiée ISO 9001/2008

Operational Unit

Operational Unit Hassi Messaoud

The operational unit of Hassi Messaoud is located on a land of about 3 hectares, it is based on a rigorous organization and considered as the most important logistics center of SARPI, it is equipped with a multipurpose equipment park:

  • Tourist and Utility Vehicles

  • Trucks:

    Lifting Trucks, Crane Trucks, Crane Trucks 6 × 6, Dump Trucks, Maintenance Trucks, Diesel and Water Tanker Trucks, 6 × 4 Tractors, Farm Tractors. Etc.

  • Lifting equipment, construction machinery and Trailers:

    Cranes from 30T to 90T, Forklifts, Sides-Boom, Excavators, Loaders, Retro-Loaders, Concrete Mixers, Dumpers, Articulated Platforms, Farm Trailers. …. Etc.

  • Equipment

    Welding Stations, Static Welding Stations, Generators, Compressors, Electro-Compressors, Electric Cement Mixers, Light Giraffes, Heat Processing Machines, Water Pumps (Tests-Filling), Bending Machines, Dryers, Bolting machine …. Etc.

To maintain its equipment, this unit has two maintenance workshops with a total surface area of 700 m2, equipped with modern infrastructures and equipment as well as a high-performance and experienced staff.

It also has big stores and warehouses for the storage of construction materials, tools and consumables.

In addition to its logistical and technical support for projects in the southern region, this unit provides prefabrication work for piping and steel structure for several customers, it has a prefabrication workshop with an area of 525 m2 and a production capacity of 500 inches / day.

In terms of accommodation and catering, this unit has a base of life which has:

  • Accommodation capacity: 250 people,
  • Catering capacity: More than 150 seats per rotation
  • Administrative Zone : 30 offices

Contact information

Address: B.P. 390 Area of Activity N ° 02 Bir Messaoud, Hassi Messaoud
Tel.: +213 (0) 29 73 52 53 / 54 / 56 / 64 /+213 (0) 29 73 68 10 / +213 (0) 29 73 26 89
Fax: +213 (0) 29 73 78 93