Un savoir-Faire au service du développement

Société Algérienne de Réalisation de Projets IndustrielsSociété Par Actions (50% SONATRACH et 50% ABB-SPA / Italie) Certifiée ISO 9001/2008

The society

Our History

After its creation in 1992 by the national company SONATRACH and ABB (ABB SAE SADELMI at the time).
SARPI started its activities by participating in the realization of three major industrial projects:

  • Installation of the compressor station for the TRANSMED Gas pipeline (Biskra), linking Algeria to Italy via Tunisia (GEM currently)
  • The realization of the CDHL of Haoud-El-Hamra
  • The Rehabilitation of the GZ1 Gas Pipeline.

It was then, and by forging a sure benchmark for these great projects, that SARPI, the very young, rapidly expanding company, began to expand its field of action by penetrating the energy market and succeeded to carve out an important market part and thus impose its presence among the major realization companies in Algeria.
SARPI and for 25 years carried out a hundred projects on behalf of SONATRACH and the biggest international firms installed in Algeria, its last project delivered is the Rehabilitation of Train 03 of the Tiguentourine gas complex in 2016.