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Société Algérienne de Réalisation de Projets IndustrielsSociété Par Actions (50% SONATRACH et 50% ABB-SPA / Italie) Certifiée ISO 9001/2008

The society

SARPI In Brief

SARPI is an industrial firm created in 1992, by Sonatrach and ABB Italy.
In Algeria, it is one of the top companies for realization of industrial projects in the hydrocarbons and energy fields.

SARPI suggests a wide range of technologies, product and services wish, enable you to optimize the production, improve the performances and achieve new capacities of production.
By innovating proposals and thank to highly skilled staff, combining pragmatism and experience, SARPI is able to respect costs, deadlines and the quality, for this, SARPI disposes of the know-how, the construction equipment’s and the extraordinary capacity of human resources supported by two major companies.